Slide scanner, which one is right for me?

A slide scanner is, in itself, a machine that digitizes images of slides, that is, its mechanism transforms your physical slides into digital format. If you want to choose from a wide variety you can have a look at the Amazon catalogue here with their respective buyers’ opinions or you can see them below directly.

RebajasBestseller No. 1
DIGITNOW! Escáner de película para 35mm Negativos y Diapositivas, Escáner de Alta resolución con 2,4" LCD, Convertidor No se Requiere PC y Software
  • Con 5 mega p√≠xeles esc√°ner USB, con el toque de un bot√≥n puede escanear negativos o diapositivas convertir sus recuerdos en im√°genes positivas modernas digitales!
  • Cargar negativos o diapositivas de edad en los soportes suministrados, deslice en el esc√°ner y vendr√°n a la vida en la pantalla delante de sus propios ojos en cuesti√≥n de segundos.
  • Port√°til y ligero, por qu√© no descubrir a sus amigos y fotos antiguas de la familia as√≠? Incluye: Adaptador de enchufe, soporte de pel√≠cula negativa, positiva soporte de diapositivas, un cepillo, un cable USB y un cable AV.
RebajasBestseller No. 2
Escáner Negativo/Positivo de película con 3600DPI de Alta resolución, USB 35mm 135 Slide to Digital Conveter, Compatible con Windows XP/Vista / 7/8/10 (no Mac)
  • Convierte pel√≠culas y diapositivas a im√°genes digitales (135 mm o 35 mm negativos / diapositivas), escaneo r√°pido de un solo paso.
  • Alimentado por USB, no requiere alimentaci√≥n adicional. La exploraci√≥n de alta calidad y f√°cil toma solo uno o dos segundos.
  • En el sensor CMOS de 2 megap√≠xeles, interfaz USB2.0. Operaci√≥n - Systemrequired: WindowsXP / Vista / Windows 7 / windows8 / windows10 / MAC.
RebajasBestseller No. 3
DIGITNOW! 22MP Escáner de negativos y diapositivas , Convertidor digital con 2,4"LCD para 35 mm/ Super 8/ 110/ 126 película
  • Escanea y digitaliza diapositivas y negativos de 35 mm, as√≠ como diapositivas y negativos de 110, 126 KPK, 127 y Super 8. (No se requiere computadora o software, Guardar en tarjeta SD directamente)
  • Los cargadores r√°pidos incluidos hacen que no sea necesario recargar para cada diapositiva/negativo
  • Un software integrado de interpolaci√≥n es capaz de mejorar la calidad a 22 megap√≠xeles
slide scanner

This is extremely valuable for those who want to preserve their most precious images or portraits intact, which is why its use has been gaining much fame over time.

In turn, this has led scanner manufacturers to strive to provide varied products that can satisfy the needs of each and every customer one hundred percent.

What you should know about slide scanners

You can find several models of scanners on the market, this is because, according to its function, the scanner must have certain features that allow it to achieve a quality work.

There are commercial scanners, semi-professional scanners and professional scanners, there are also portable models and, of course, of very different prices.

But in order to make everything clearer, let us talk about some of the most demanded scanners in the market.

Let us start by talking about a scanner that is getting more and more popular every day due to the fact that it is easy to transport it anywhere, the scanner for slides and negatives.

Scanner for slides and negatives

Scanner for slides and negatives

This type of scanner has the particularity, in most cases, of working without being connected to the computer.

The most important features in these scanners are the following.

  1. Density range (this is what allows to have shades in dark or light areas of the slides).
  2. Effective resolution (it is what allows to have a good image quality).
  3. Speed.

If these three characteristics are correct, you can have an incredible result. In addition, in some cases, these scanners also allow you to correct and restore your images.

In terms of size, we can tell you that it is one of the smallest, most portable scanners.

Scanner for 35mm slides and negatives

The scanners that allow the digitalization of 35mm slides and negatives are ideal for those who, for work or for hobby, have saved negatives and want to transform them into digital format.

This kind of scanners can offer really good results depending on the quality, as the most advanced models have the following features.

The scanners that allow the digitalization of 35mm slides and negatives are ideal for those who, for work or for hobby, have saved negatives and want to transform them into digital format.

This kind of scanners can offer really good results depending on the quality, as the most advanced models have the following features.

  • They have an LCD screen.
  • They have a USB connection.
  • They can work for more than two hours without being connected to the computer thanks to their own battery.

Plustek Slide Scanner

The quality of the images that can be obtained with the Plustek-scanners is one of the best, the resolution is completely fascinating and the power consumption is quite low.

It is a quite versatile scanner that can be used by those who have little knowledge in digitizing physical slides and also by professional photographers.

Among the most acclaimed features of this type of scanner are the following.

  • Simple software.
  • Optimal quality resolution.
  • Adequate size.

Which is the best film slide scanner?

As you can see, it all depends on the lens you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking to scan negatives, one of the best options is the Epson Perfection V800.

On the other hand, if you need a scanner that provides an excellent price-performance ratio for digitizing various slides, the Plustek scanner or the ION scanner may be the right choice for you.

However, you must remember that the best scanners definitely tend to have a fairly high value, so it’s best to look for a scanner that has exactly the right features for you to get the result you want.

Another option to consider for those who want to convert their slides to digital format and who want to avoid buying a scanner is to look for places where they do this kind of work.

How much does a slide scanner cost

The prices of the slide scanners will vary depending on the brand, the model and the features. But to give you an idea, it can go from $60 to $600 or more.

Your investment in this equipment should fit your needs. If you want it more for an amateur job, just buy one of the cheapest scanners. But if you are looking for a work tool I recommend you not to spare any expense, because the return on investment that these devices can give you is quite high thanks to their professional quality.